Dwelling Decor Essentials – What You Need for a Picture-Perfect Home

The right lighting creates ambiance and sets the mood in your home. For a cozy, welcoming space, layer ambient and task lighting.

Ambient Lighting

For overall illumination, use ambient lighting like recessed or track lights on dimmers. Aim for a warm 2700K glow for living areas. In bedrooms, a softer light, around 2000K is easy on the eyes.

  • Table and floor lamps are ideal for ambient lighting. Place them in corners to spread light evenly.
  • String lights or lanterns also provide ambient lighting and visual interest. Hang them along walls, over doorways, or on patios.

Task Lighting

For focused illumination, while cooking, reading or doing hobbies, use task lighting.

  • Under-cabinet lights in kitchens brightly illuminate counters while dimmable pendant lights over islands create ambient light for dining.
  • Reading lamps by couches and beds give directed light without glare.
  • Desk lamps in home offices illuminate work surfaces. Look for arm lamps that clamp or mount to desks for hands-free lighting.

With the right ambient and task lighting working together, you’ll set the perfect mood in your dwelling home décor for both day-to-day living and entertaining. So take control of your space by dimming or brightening as needed. Your ideal illumination is just a switch away!

Create a Cozy Haven With Dwelling Home Textiles

To make your place a cozy haven, focus on the textiles. Things like plush pillows, soft blankets, rugs, and throws can transform any space into a soothing sanctuary.


Invest in high-quality sheets, blankets, and pillows. Look for breathable, natural fibers like cotton or linen that feel amazing against your skin. Don’t forget a plush duvet insert and cover.

Throws and Blankets

Have several lightweight throws on hand to stay cozy while reading or watching TV. Heavier knit blankets are ideal for sleeping. Place them at the foot of your bed or on living room couches for easy access.


Scatter plush rugs around to warm up wood or tile floors. Area rugs also help define spaces in open-concept homes. For the bedroom, a rug on each side of the bed helps your feet hit a soft surface when climbing in and out.


An assortment of pillows in various sizes, shapes and densities allows you to customize your comfort. Have at least two to three pillows per person on beds and couches. Mix in decorative pillows for extra coziness and style.

Creating an inviting retreat is all about surrounding yourself with comforting textures that delight your senses. So pamper yourself with the coziest sheets, plushest blankets, softest rugs and most huggable pillows you can find. Your perfect haven awaits! Make your place a sanctuary that embraces you in coziness the moment you walk through the door.

Add Pops of Personality With Dwelling Wall Decor

Adding decorative accents to your walls is an easy way to showcase your personality and style. Here are a few dwelling wall décor essentials to make your space picture-perfect:


There’s no better way to personalize your walls than with art. Whether you prefer nature photography, abstract paintings or cultural pieces, choose works that speak to you. For extra flair, group several pieces together on one wall for a gallery effect.


Tapestries are a bohemian way to decorate. Look for colorful or patterned tapestries featuring mandalas, animals or spiritual symbols. Tapestries come in a variety of sizes so you can use one as a focal point or several together for a dramatic look.


Strategically placed mirrors can make a space appear more open and bright. For small rooms, a large mirror works well. In bigger rooms, cluster a few mirrors together or place them opposite windows to reflect natural light. Mirrored furniture like dressers or side tables also pulls double duty as dwelling home decor.


Floating shelves are ideal for displaying knickknacks, books or indoor plants. For an eclectic look, choose shelves in different shapes, sizes and materials like wood, metal or acrylic and arrange them in a random pattern on the wall. Shelves are also great for highlighting art or mirrors you already have.

Accent lighting

Add visual interest after dark with accent lighting like string lights, lanterns or wall sconces. Wrap string lights or mini lanterns around wall decor for a whimsical look. Or place sconces on either side of art or mirrors to spotlight them. Accent lighting creates cozy ambiance and allows you to enjoy your wall decor even at night.

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